Your Guide to Finance & Investments

Your Guide to Finance & Investments

Author: Sanjay Matai



No worries anymore! Here’s the answer…straight and simple.

Illustrated in this guide are fifty-one ‘most useful’ investment products.

From its objective and expected returns to the tax liability and risk profile, every product is described in a plain and easy two-page format. After all, time is more precious than money!

Most importantly, this explanation is not limited to only the product features. It also offers expert observation on every product to aid you make informed decisions.

And that’s not all!

Investing to build wealth involves not just a random selection of products; it needs you to understand each product to decide whether it suits your needs. In addition, it requires you to adopt a sound investment process in order to build real wealth.


Just like a good driving experience is a combination of a good car and good driving skills. Good investment experience is a combination of a good investment product and good investment practices.

Thus, illustrated in this Manual are ten ‘most useful’ investment processes. They are proven processes that have, through the ages transformed the lives of many ordinary mortals.

Are you ready for this revolutionary transformation?

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