Maverick Minds- The Entrepreneurial Journey

Maverick Minds- The Entrepreneurial Journey



Author: Anubha Singhania

Foreword by Vir Sanghvi


Maverick Minds’ explores the journeys and experiences of 10 young Indian entrepreneurs.

 Most of them started from scratch and created extraordinary businesses. Some of them had established businesses, but they displayed tremendous ability to break new ground. The book, very briefly, encapsulates their journeys, and focuses primarily on their methodology of doing things.

These radical thinkers changed the way people buy air tickets, make hotel reservations, seek jobs …   some went on to make it available at our doorstep - world renowned luxury brands, innovative education, luxury housing, tech products ..  pioneered private equity investments .. established the takeover code ..  all contributing to ushering in a new era of the ‘Innovation Age’.

Going through the book you will realize that entrepreneurship is not magic, nor is it mysterious -and it has nothing to do with genes. It’s a discipline, and can be learnt. All individuals have the potential to be entrepreneurial, create valuable assets, and contribute to the world in their own special way. Pick up the book if you want tips on starting or managing businesses, to explore new ideas or just to get inspiration.


Entrepreneurs covered


  • Deep Kalra- Make My Trip.Com
  • Sanjay Kapoor- Genesis Luxury
  • Sanjeev Bhikchandani –
  • Narender Bansal – Intex Technologies
  • Vishvajeet Jhavar –Marvel Realtors
  • Amit Burman- Dabur
  • Abhishek Dalmia –REL
  • Sudhir Seth – Sudhir Gensets
  • Ashish Dhawan- Central Square Foundation
  • Pravin Jain- Pathways World Schools


About the Author


Anubha is an entrepreneur and investor, with interests in a variety of businesses – mineral water, garment design and education, to name a few. She is the founder of Quantum Dynamics Education Pvt Ltd – an entity engaged in promoting business and financial literacy. She is a contributing author to the Investors India magazine, and has previously authored a bestselling book on Investing in Equities. An alumnus of Washington University in St Louis, her forte - besides Design and Presentation, is Simplification. She infuses life into difficult and dry subjects to make them interesting, comprehensible and practical.


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