Make Your Money Work Harder by Monitoring Your Investments

Make Your Money Work Harder by Monitoring Your Investments

Author: Arnav Pandya



Are you missing out on the most important part of the investment process? The answer is yes if you do not consider monitoring as a core activity of your investment and financial planning activities. Simple steps that ensure that you know all about your investments and the manner in which they are performing can lead to a position where there is a lot more value that can be derived from the efforts.

Most people think that monitoring is required only for equity investments but this need not be the case as even debt investments will require some monitoring to ensure that they remain on the right track. Understand how the monitoring process will work for your different investments be it equities, mutual funds, insurance, commodities or even debt investments. This book will enable you to go into each area and then frame the right way to set up the monitoring system for each different type of financial activity.

The book will help you to make the monitoring activities a core part of the investment process. Additionally properly linking your monitoring efforts to the overall financial planning activities will help in deriving the maximum benefit of the entire effort.

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