Investing And Tax Savings for NRIs Made Easy

Investing And Tax Savings for NRIs Made Easy

Author: Subhash Lakhotia



Taxation laws related to a Non-Resident Indian (NRI) can be intimidating andincomprehensible. They not only relate to income tax, but also to taxation on the NRI's wealth. An NRI usually faces many questions such as:


  • How is NRI defined?
  • I've gone abroad for employment... do I become an NRI?
  • Is all my income taxable in India?
  • What are the tax benefits available to me?
  • How do I pay tax?
  • What is the tax implication on investing in property in India? and so on...

"Investing and Taxation made Easy for the NRIs" by "Subhash Lakhotia" is an easy referencer stating the laws in simple language and offering numerous examples to help the reader comprehend the laws and apply them to his specific situation. It can be referred to for advice and solutions thereby providing the reader a ready reckoner for his questions on Indian tax laws.

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