Budget 17- The Modi Stimulus

Budget 17- The Modi Stimulus



Budget 2017 comes close on the heels of India’s largest and most suddenly executed economic initiative—demonetization. While the move was lauded in many international circles, it did result in a degree of disruption domestically and is expected to adversely impact short term growth.

Against this backdrop, what has the budget has done to revive confidence and stimulate growth? Did it leverage all the avant-garde initiatives that it has implemented so far? Has it announced differential tax rates and reliefs to individuals and businesses or simplified the tax structure further? Has it piggy-backed on the Aadhaar identification to make subsidies more effective? What measures has it taken to better educate and skill the youth of the country? What has it done, directly or indirectly, to give a fillip to financial markets? Find answers to these questions and more within…

IRB Infrastructure Developers Ltd in association with CNBC – TV18, present to you The Modi Stimulus Budget 2017.  Glimpse beyond the obvious facts and figures with this easy-to-read analysis of Budget 2017. With the help of a simple navigation structure, dissect the budget as you choose to…investigate those aspects of the budget that interest you most. You have at your disposal an exhaustive analysis of both the Economic Survey 2016-17 and the Budget 2017-18, along with relevant connections to the past and references to the future…

Economic Survey 2015-16:

- Highlights of the economy’s performance in 2016-17: GDP, Per capita income and Consumption growth, Industrial production, Agriculture and food grains, Investment and Savings, Inflation, Monetary issues - Interest rates, Bank indicators, External sector - Exports & Imports, Balance of Payments, Rupee and Foreign exchange, Social sector – education, health, subsidies, etc. and most relevantly, progress in the Digital Economy.




Budget 2016-17:

- Overview of the Budget: the highlights and performance of the economy over the past year

- Impact on the individual: as a tax payer, as an investor, as a consumer

- Impact on sectors: Infrastructure, Manufacturing, Real estate, Textile, Metals, Pharma, etc.

- Impact on capital markets: Equity, Debt, F&O and Commodity markets

- The Modi Stimulus: What the budget has proposed to revive confidence and stimulate growth



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Budget 17- The Modi Stimulus