The Happionaire’s way  to CREATE WEALTH in a  CRASH, SLOWDOWN or RECESSION  -Yogesh Chabria

The Happionaire’s way to CREATE WEALTH in a CRASH, SLOWDOWN or RECESSION -Yogesh Chabria



Happionaire’s Way to Create Wealth is meant for anybody and everybody who wants to create wealth irrespective of whether the stock markets are up or down — irrespective of where inflation, interest rates, real estate prices are headed — and irrespective of which economic cycle we are in. Being in control of your own destiny and prosperity is very important.


Everybody makes money when things are good. But the wealthy, preserve, create and control wealth irrespective of the environment around them. This book has been written for someone who might not have a PhD in finance, but wants to know what to do when times get difficult and how to actually benefit in such times. This book is based on the principles of being a Happionaire and creating wealth in a fun, simple and interesting way.


Happionaire’s Way to Create Wealth will give you the tools that will help you think and decide for yourself. After that, you need to take action.


About the Author

Yogesh Chabria, is an entrepreneur and investor, hailing from Mumbai, India.

He has written many books on the same theme and they include Happionaire’s Investment Secrets For Women, Happionaire Ki Tarhe Nivesh Kare, and Invest The Happionaire Way. All these books have been written with the sole intention of enabling others to amass wealth, by explaining several concepts pertaining to investing as well as simple stories of him and others.

The books are written in a simple and easy to read format, by providing real-life stories and simple methodologies to accumulate wealth.

The author belongs to a Sindhi business community, and he began investing at the age of 16 with just Rs.750, which he recounts in one of his books. He completed his studies from Iran and returned to Mumbai, where he graduated from the prestigious Mumbai University.


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