Financial Life Planning : Solve Your Biggest Puzzle

Financial Life Planning : Solve Your Biggest Puzzle

Author: Hemant Beniwal



When you face a financial planning problem, you consult an expert, you buy a book or you Google a problem, you get the answer and you are aware. A simple process of taking action and making decisions. But are we robots who will keep on doing this task forever?
Is it possible to make our own decisions which are enlightened enough?
If I talk about financial planning:

Will bed time stories occasionally be replaced with examples of financial planning success stories?
Will teachers at school give lessons on financial independence?
Will school libraries have a section called Books on Financial Planning ?
Will parents make an attempt to explain cash flows to their children, while handing them pocket money?
Will grandparents share their envelop method with their grandchildren?
Will we celebrate a financial planning day?
Will Santa sometimes gift books on financial wisdom?
Will there be childrens hobby classes on financial planning?
Will kitty parties and birthday party have financial planning as a theme?
Will corporates train their employees on financial planning?
And above all. Will you share the insights of this book with yourself and a friend?

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