3 pillars of financial security

3 pillars of financial security

Author: Manish Chauhan



None of us want to face turmoil in life… but life spares no one. Consider this. You lose your job, or a family member is faced with a life-threatening illness… even thinking about this seems awful. But if, God forbid, something similar were to happen to you, are you prepared? Emotional strength can be built with time. What about financial security? In fact, financial security strengthens emotional security.

To help you face such difficult situations, 3 pillars of financial security will help you prepare yourself. With inputs from the bestseller, How to be your own financial planner in 10 steps, it sets you on the right path, thereby guaranteeing you peace of mind about money… and about life.

Make sure you and your family have money for lifein good times and bad.

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